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Lonsdale Paints

Lonsdale Paints are one of South Australia's largest distributors of Automotive Paint and Household Paint suppliers. Our automotive brands include PROTEC AUTOMOTIVE PAINTS, PHOENIX AUTOMOTIVE PAINTS, PPG INDUSTRIAL MARINE PAINTS & our Household paint brands include ASTEC P Read More..


Automotive Paints

At Lonsdale Paints we have an extensive range of Automotive Paints & Products for the automovtive & repair industry

Household Paints

for all your household painting needs. We only sell quality paints from ASTEC PAINT range & TAUBMANS PAINT range

Industrial Products

Lonsdale Paints sell the full range of KBS Coatings Australia, our top sellers include Rust Remover, Rust Sealers, Fuel Tank Protection, Chassis Coating Kits & Top Coats Diamond Finish

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